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The Dragon Hollow Trilogy: 99-cents Each for Kindle #SummerReading

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Summer is almost here. Everyone loves playing outdoors and time with friends, but for rainy days or when those summer blahs hit, you might want to be prepared with some good reading for your tweens.

My Dragon Hollow books are perfect for ages 9-13 (younger if they read well or if you read it to them, older if they just love fantasy fiction and dragons). Adults who have read them to their kids have enjoyed them just as much as the kids.

I’ve had people tell me their kid didn’t like to read and would never finish a book, but when they started reading The Legend of Dragon Hollow, they couldn’t put it down. And girls like the books just as much as boys because there is a strong female character.

The books aren’t dark and scary. It’s just an adventure story with lots of humor, sword fights, and dragons!

Because the Dragon Hollow Trilogy is great summer reading, I’ve dropped the price to 99-cents each for Kindle. Of course, they’re also available in paperback. And they make great gifts!

You look like you could use a good laugh. Read them for yourself, whether you have kids or not!


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