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The Gift of Chocolate Pudding

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I was talking to my nephew on the phone recently. He asked what I had been doing and I told him I was trying to raise money to buy pictures for my book, Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word. He volunteered to make chocolate pudding and take a picture of it for my book. It’s good to be loved. It’s good to have someone eager to help me achieve simple goals.

Jesus affirmed the widow who gave two copper coins to God because that was all she could afford. He praised the men who used the talents entrusted to them. He honored Mary for anointing his feet with precious perfume. Sometimes all we need to do to make a difference is assess our resources and talents to see what we have to offer others.

My nephew saw a need. He assessed his resources and skills and knew he could make chocolate pudding. So he offered what he could.

What resources do you have to offer for God’s use? What talents and skills can you use for the good of others and for God’s glory? Let’s consider what we can give to God by giving to others.


Give according to what you have, even if it's chocolate pudding.


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Count me in! I want to become a more positive Christian.

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