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The Gospel Cannot Be Chained: A Grace Paraphrase of Paul’s Four Prison Letters

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The Gospel Cannot Be Chained is Mick Mooney’s paraphrase of Paul’s four prison letters: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Mooney’s paraphrase places a special emphasis on the message of grace throughout each letter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his paraphrase and I’ll probably read it again from time to time. I thought the paraphrase was respectful to the original while giving a modern, personal flair (such as his reference to DNA). What more can I say? Read a couple brief excerpts for yourself:


At one point in time, we all assumed we had to keep our distance from God; believing, in our minds, that our weaknesses and shameful behavior made us an enemy of God. But how wrong our thinking was! For the very God we believed was against us actually journeyed from heaven to earth in order to reach out to us with the truth of his eternal love. Oh, what a wonderful revelation of truth: he loves us!

–Mick Mooney, The Gospel Cannot Be Chained


My task is a glorious one that I love and rejoice in, for I consider it the highest honour to present to you the word of God in its fullness. God’s word was revealed in a written format from the beginning, but there was still a mystery concealed within it that was kept hidden from all the generations that went before us, but now it has been disclosed to the saints!

It is to the saints, those who have been born-again into the life of Jesus, which God is pleased to make fully known this divine mystery. What is the mystery that past generations could not see in the word of God? It is the reality of Christ in you, the hope of glory. All the Scriptures are testifying about his life, his sufferings and the grace that would come to us through his resurrection. It has now been revealed to you that the word of God is not simply a written code, but it is alive and living in you! The glorious riches of God’s word lives in you; Christ in you is the word of God, and he is your hope of glory.

–Mick Mooney, The Gospel Cannot Be Chained


The Gospel Cannot Be Chained

A Grace Paraphrase of Paul’s Four Prison Letters

Mick Mooney


110 pages



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