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The Revelation of Grace by Eddie Snipes

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The Revelation of Grace: Founded Upon Grace Series (Book 1)

I had seen the term, “hyper-grace,” but I never really knew what it meant. Some people said it was the Gospel and others claimed it was the spawn of the devil. I didn’t know what to believe (or if I should care) so I shrugged it off as just another fad controversy (the kind that sells Christian magazines and books).

I didn’t understand hyper-grace until Eddie Snipes offered this explanation: “When this message of God’s grace is preached, people blaspheme God’s promise by saying that if we live by grace alone, we are in sin. This has been labeled as hyper-grace.”

The Revelation of Grace explains the truth of God’s grace in terms that are reader friendly (not too technical theologically). The book explains what grace is, how it is given, and why it is complete and sufficient to take care of sin in our lives. The author emphasizes the need to keep our eyes on Christ, rather than our current sins or failures because where we focus our attention determines what we will become.

This clear explanation of grace is worth a read because while it’s simple enough for a beginner, it’s also thought provoking for older Christians because the church has typically done a poor job of teaching grace. Instead, it tends to teach a bunch of rules to live by and a cycle of sin-repentance-law keeping becomes the norm.


Brief Excerpt

We are then transformed into His likeness because we are learning to recognize who we are in Him. His Spirit is within us, and as we look to Him, we find He is in us, and we in Him. The more this reality is unveiled in our minds, the more we will allow it to transform our outward lives into what we understand is truly our life in Christ.

Examining yourself cannot do this. Looking at your sin and failure cannot transform you. The more you study your failures, the more you transform your behavior back toward the flesh. But the more you behold Christ, the more you are transformed into the person you are in Him!

Do you see the truth of this principle? The more you behold the flesh and your failures, the more you are transformed into the flesh. The more you behold Christ, the more you are transformed into the image of God. Your outward behavior is a reflection of where you are focused.

Focusing on your sin produces more sin. Focusing on grace cannot produce sin. it eliminates sin, for as you grow into who you are in Christ, sin has no place to abide. It cannot abide in the light, and in Christ, there is no shadow of turning. This is the ONLY way to defeat sin in your life. Best of all, it’s the work of God and is His gift to you. You have been given the gift of grace!

–Eddie Snipes, The Revelation of Grace



The Revelation of Grace

Founded Upon Grace Series: Book 1

Eddie Snipes


130 pages

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