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Thirteen of the Spookiest Things in the Bible

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Some Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween, for whatever reasons, but I would like to suggest a different approach. During this season when people like to be scared and they have a heightened interest in the supernatural, why not embrace those themes in the Bible?

The Bible is full of spooky, horrifying, gruesome, and gross things. You want monsters? The Bible has the biggest and best monsters you can imagine. You want supernatural? The Bible astounds with supernatural. Let’s use this opportunity to embrace the fun atmosphere of the season of scary things but point people toward the Bible.

My aim is to start producing PDF eBooks that will help people see the Bible in a fun new way. Sharable content like this might reach a Christian who thinks the Bible is boring or a not-yet Christian who might take a look at something like this and get exposure to the God of the Bible. Only God knows what could happen after that.

Please enjoy this eBook and feel free to share it with others.


Thirteen of the Spookiest Things in the Bible


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