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Turn a Spare Pillowcase into a Sun Dress for a Little Girl in Africa

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Little Dresses for Africa

Girls have a difficult time in Africa so Rachel O’Neill decided to take some dresses to the children in African villages. A small group of women began to sew simple little dresses out of pillowcases. They distributed them through orphanages in Africa to reach young girls who are most vulnerable. Word spread and they began receiving little dresses from all over the United States—and even all over the world.

Today, the ministry of Little Dresses for Africa has received more than 3 million little dresses. That’s a lot of dresses and a lot of little girls who have been blessed by this ministry. And Little Dresses for Africa offers their gratitude:

Imagine it! All of your beautiful little dresses out there planting in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy! You are changing the world, one little dress at a time! . . . These beautiful dresses go out as little Ambassadors in the name of Jesus, to give hope to the children that receive them.


Why Pillowcases?

Pillowcase Dress Instructions

Little Dresses for Africa offers a simple pattern (instructions with diagrams) for how to turn a pillowcase into a sun dress. Print one for yourself or to share with others. The pillowcase pattern is easy enough for a novice seamstress, it already has the hem and sides in it, it’s easily available new and gently used, and the bright colors are perfect for sundresses in the African climate.

Dresses can be sent to:

Little Dresses for Africa
24614 Curtis Drive
Brownstown, MI 48134


We are not going to run out of kids, so please jump in and help us!


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