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Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (@branthansen)

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People often call me a pacifist and maybe I am to some degree, but when Jesus says to turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and pray for those who hurt you, I believe He means for us to do those things. I also believe in seeing the “divine spark” in each person because whether we follow Jesus or not, we were each made in the image of God. As such, I believe we are to love and respect one another. Even with that built into my belief system, I struggled.

As an author, I’ve struggled with negative comments and reviews to the point that I began to resent the very people I was writing for. So when I saw a book called Unoffendable, I thought perhaps it would help me find a new perspective.

It just so happened I was reading Unoffendable at a time when race issues popped up and the related outrage that always accompanies such things. Social media was full of angry, remarks. These days, it seems like you can’t say anything on social media without attracting an outraged commenter who feels the need to “set the record straight.”

“We can recognize injustice, grieve it, and act against it—but without rage, without malice, and without anger.”

–Brant Hansen, Unoffendable

This kind of anger and offense at everything permeates society right now. That’s why Unoffendable is such a timely book. The author, Brant Hansen, describes how he moved from being indignant or offended all the time to learning to put things in a new perspective—an eternal perspective.

“I used to think it was incumbent upon a Christian to take offense. I now think we should be the most refreshingly unoffendable people on a planet that seems to spin on an axis of offense.”

–Brant Hansen, Unoffendable

The author offers several principles for re-framing our thoughts so we can choose not to be angry. For instance, we must remember that we stand just as guilty as the person with whom we feel angry. And we don’t really know what’s in someone’s heart; only God does. In fact, part of the reason we want to be angry and offended all the time is because we don’t trust God to deal with injustice.

“We struggle with trusting God to mete out justice. We’re afraid He won’t mete out justice, that people won’t get what they deserve. So perhaps our entitlement to anger is our little way of making sure some measure of ‘justice’ is served.”

–Brant Hansen, Unoffendable

Unoffendable was an enjoyable read and easy to follow. It will be much more difficult to put it into practice. I’m tempted to buy a stack of them and put it in the hands of everyone who is offended by me. Maybe not, but its message is really good, really important, and very necessary.



Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better

Brant Hansen


198 pages

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