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Unpleasant and Unsafe Well Water Gave Me a New Compassion for People without Clean Water

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For the past year, our well water has smelled like sulfur. It’s unpleasant but generally harmless. Still, washing my face or taking a shower in hot sulfur water was uncomfortable. It smells gross.

Last week, we decided to try putting some chlorine tablets in the well to purify the water and (as the instructions stated) break down the iron causing the odor. We soon discovered we had put too much chlorine in the well and not only did our water smell like chlorine, it was unsafe to drink.

With toxic well water, we were forced to rely on bottled water. Fortunately for us, we were able to drive to the store to purchase bottled water when we needed more. Our water went from an unpleasant problem to a toxic problem and then to a mere inconvenience.

Millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Many women and children spend countless hours walking for miles to fetch water for daily needs. This isn’t a temporary inconvenience for them; it is a fact of life. Day after day, they struggle to obtain water. In some cases, they don’t have access to clean water and many children die of water-borne diseases that could have been prevented with clean water.

After my recent experiences with contaminated well water, I wanted to use World Water Day to highlight the needs of people around the world who lack access to water.


World Water Day 2016 Gospel for Asia Infographic

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