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Waking Up: How I Found My Faith by Losing It by Ted Dekker

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Waking Up

How I Found My Faith by Losing It

Ted Dekker


27 pages


Author Ted Dekker exposes his struggle for many years to reconcile what he believed about God with the reality he was experiencing. The Bible says God answers prayer, but Dekker felt his prayers were left unanswered. The Bible says to love our enemies, but Christians can’t even get along with each other. The spiritual conflict became a crisis of faith and he began exploring alternative belief systems outside of Christian faith. That’s when he had a spiritual breakthrough.

As the NY Times bestselling author sat at his desk one day, he felt God remind him of a simple truth. We are to love others unconditionally. How, then, can we believe God doesn’t love us with the same unconditional love?

This is love. This is grace. To know this kind of love and acceptance means we can quit trying to be good enough. As Dekker says, “In the end, the journey is letting go of who we think we are, to see and so be who we truly are right now, in this moment.”

Waking Up is worth a read because I think we each struggle with these things. I know I do.

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