What Questions Do You Have about Mental Illness and the Bible?

Jan 23

What Questions Do You Have about Mental Illness and the Bible?

Because I have a mental illness, I’ve spent time on many different Christian sites looking at the “help” they offer and it is downright shameful the types of responses Christians give about mental illness. From what I’ve seen, the last place I’d want to go for support for my mental illness is a church. I’m becoming increasingly confident that my ministry is to provide positive, grace-filled resources for people affected by mental illness.

As a first step, I’m compiling a list of frequently asked questions. I’m carefully answering each question with positive, grace-filled answers from the Bible or credible sources in the mental health industry.

This is where I need your help.

I have compiled a list of questions based on common misconceptions I’ve seen online, but I know I’m not covering everything. I’ve only scratched the surface. So take a moment to look at some sample questions I’ve assembled on the list below and then respond in the comments with other questions you’d like to see answered (for yourself or someone else).

  • What is mental illness? What causes mental illness?
  • What are some common mental illnesses?
  • Are all people with mental illness dangerous criminals?
  • What is the prevalence of mental illness?
  • Can Christians have a mental illness?
  • Who suffers from mental illness?
  • Is mental illness a sin?
  • Is mental illness a lack of faith?
  • Is mental illness demon possession?
  • Are the mentally ill merely people with unsolved personal problems?
  • Is seeking medical treatment for mental illness a sin or a lack of faith?
  • Is seeking medical treatment for mental illness ill advised?
  • Shouldn’t people with mental illness be institutionalized?
  • Can people with mental illness work?
  • What should I say to someone with a mental illness?
  • Does the Bible describe people with mental illness?
  • Does the Bible mention specific mental illnesses?
  • Does the Bible offer words of hope to people with mental illness?
  • Is suicide a sin? Will someone go to hell for committing suicide?
  • Did anyone in the Bible commit suicide besides Judas?
  • What help and hope does the Bible offer to someone considering suicide?
  • How can I cope with the perceived disgrace of having a mental illness?
  • How can Christians help the mentally ill?
  • How can the church help the mentally ill?

What other questions do you have about mental illness?

Please share your questions in the comments section or message me privately.