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What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex M.D. Russell

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Rex Russell’s book, What the Bible Says about Healthy Living, explores what the Bible says about healthy diet and compares it with modern science. The research upholds the wisdom of biblical advice so the author encourages us to heed the dietary laws, not in a legalistic obedience, but as a way to honor our Creator with our bodies.

I was most interested in the extensive section on fasting. Because I’m on medication, I’m not able to go without food so fasting never seemed like an option to me. The author explained four types of fasting: normal fast, absolute fast, partial fast, and rotational fast. The latter two are options that don’t require complete abstinence from food, but focus on abstaining from particular types of food or rotating abstinence from different foods. I learned a lot from his teaching, especially about the health (and mental health) benefits of fasting.

Many of his chapters go into more technical detail than I wanted about scientific names of mono-whatevers and tri-somethings. Perhaps someday I’ll be more educated on these matters, but it was more than I was prepared to take-in right now. So I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m sure it’s useful information to those who can grasp the technical details. Even so, I was able to skim these portions and still get helpful information on each topic covered.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth a read, whether or not you like the science parts. I learned several things, and I’m sure you will, too.

Book Quotes

“The mind is a precious thing. Fasting can give the body time to clear itself of toxic products. Eating things designed for food in their purest form could be great for the mind, just as it has been shown to maintain our joints, our weight and our immune system.”

–Rex M.D. Russell, What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

“When asked how much fiber we need, I often give the admittedly earthy answer that we need only to look into our toilets. As insoluble fiber passes through the bowel, it takes fat with it into the stool. Fat floats. So floating stools are a good sign that you have enough fiber.”

–Rex M.D. Russell, What the Bible Says About Healthy Living


What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

Rex M.D. Russell


282 pages




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