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Where God Is Banned, Secret Churches Form

By on Jun 30, 2015 in Noah's Archives | 0 comments

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Throughout history, in places where God was banned, Christianity not only continued, but often flourished. Believers in Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other places can testify to the tenacity of God’s church in difficult circumstances.

Christianity is banned in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. Only Islam is allowed. And yet, secret Christian churches are forming in Saudi Arabia. Christian television has been very influential there for the past decade or more. This has strengthened the faith of the Christians there. Despite strong persecution, people are leaving Islam and choosing Christ, even though it means great risk to themselves and their families.

Let’s pray for the persecuted church in Saudi Arabia and around the world as they bravely carry the name of Christ.





Five Prayers for Muslims

Muslims pray five times a day so I’m offering five prayers for you to pray with me.

Lord, I ask you to . . .

  • Pour out your Spirit on Your secret church around the world, meeting in homes and other unsuspecting places in order not to attract the wrong attention. Bless them with Your presence, peace, and power.
  • Give them wisdom and discernment in how they plan meetings and proclaim Your Good News to others.
  • Strengthen the believers in closed countries by giving them opportunities to learn and grow through means such as television, radio, and Internet.
  • Fill the believers in closed countries with an extra measure of courage and boldness, tempered with wisdom so they can speak for You with a sensible caution.
  • Bless their dedication to You through steadfast relationships that support them in a restrictive area. Meet their needs and help them grow by Your power.

Ask God how He wants you to pray for Muslims and what more He wants you to do.



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