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Why Should Christians Pray for Muslims During Ramadan?

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Muslims around the world are getting ready for the annual observance of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month. In 2015 it occurs from June 18 to July 17.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World is held during Ramadan. The prayer event is designed to raise awareness and encourage Christians to reach out to Muslims—around the world and across the street—with more understanding, and with faith, hope and the love of Christ.

But what is significant about Ramadan?

Ramadan is a time when Muslims, even marginal ones, are more focused on spiritual awareness. They pray, fast, and read the Quran. They also have a sense of expectation that their prayers will be answered during this time and that they may have supernatural experiences such as dreams or visions.

Because of this heightened spiritual expectation, God can move in unexpected ways in their hearts. That’s why it’s important to offer prayer support during this time. As Christians we know there are spiritual forces of good and evil at work in the world and our prayers can tip the balance in the spiritual realm.

Although we don’t observe Ramadan, we can be glad Muslims observe it because it opens a window of opportunity for God to work while they are expectant and poised to receive spiritual experiences.

North American coordinator of 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World, Paul Filidis, adds that praying, “expands our ability to love. As you pray for people, you can’t help but get God’s perspective, and His heart for them, which is very different from the fear, anger or even hate that is so easily incited when only focusing on the actions of extremists.”

When we pray God’s blessings upon other people, it changes our hearts. It changes us. And all of that makes it worthwhile to pray for Muslims.






Five Prayers for Muslims

Muslims pray five times a day so I’m offering five prayers for you to pray with me.

Lord, I ask you to . . .

Ask God how He wants you to pray for Muslims and what more He wants you to do.



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