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Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture by Dr. Daniel Morris

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Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture

Understand and unlock your mind’s natural ability to memorize long passages

Dr. Daniel Morris


59 pages


Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture is a brief guide to memorizing Scripture using techniques that help store the information in long-term memory rather than short-term memory that is quickly forgotten. The key is to understand how the brain works to store short and long term information in different ways. Long-term memory files things that are deemed unique in some way. So a sequence of ordinary words isn’t very unique unless you explore ways to identify unique features of the verse such as a series of pairs, the number of commas or phrases, or even turning the first letters into a nonsense sentence to help you remember the text.

I’m not very much into rote memorization because I retain things better if I absorb them naturally from seeing the verse on the left page of my Bible, underlined in blue, and referred to often because of a felt need. In this natural way, I memorize plenty of verses.

But if you’re one to memorize lots of Scripture or long passages such as entire chapters or entire books of the Bible, then you might find some useful tips in Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture.

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