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Will You Take Five Minutes to Pray for Earthquake Survivors in Nepal?

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When a disaster of any type occurs, people are immediately concerned and offer to help, but as time goes on, the urgency lessens from the perspective of the giver. But for those who are experiencing the aftermath of a disaster, the trauma goes on long after most people have forgotten and moved on to some other sensational news item.

As Christians, we must force ourselves to continue looking, paying attention, and praying, even when we feel “tired of” whatever topic seems like old news.

The earthquakes in Nepal may start slipping out of the headlines. It may not seem exciting, intense, and urgent anymore. But it is still a very real and devastating situation. Countless lives have been forever altered by this event. They have lost families, homes, jobs–everything. And 99% of the population doesn’t know Jesus.

What Do You Know about Nepal?

In this mountainous land on the northern edge of India, 28 million people live, work, and make their homes. According to Operation World, they speak 127 languages, although Nepali is the official language. Hindu is the dominant religion, with 71% of the population, although some sources place that figure at more than 80%. Here’s how the rest of the religions are represented in Nepal:

  • 71% Hindu
  • 16% Buddhist
  •  5% Muslim
  •  1% Christian

Gospel for Asia is the largest Christian organization working in Nepal. They’ve been there for years so they already have an established network, making them an excellent source for reaching people after the devastating earthquakes.

Survivor Story: Kaanan

When his house collapsed in the Nepal earthquake, Kaanan lost his wife, son, daughter, and a niece. That’s a world of heartache and grief all by itself, but his home is in debris and he doesn’t know how he will ever be able to rebuild it. In fact, he doesn’t know how to earn an income now so he can support his mother and youngest son.

Imagine the stress you’d feel in that situation. Now multiply this times millions of people in the area and you have a whole lot of grief, confusion, and despair. Gospel for Asia is providing relief for Nepal earthquake victims.


Pray for those who have lost everything in Nepal. May they find everything in Christ.


What Can We Do? Pray

God answers prayer. Most of the population doesn’t know God so they can’t pray for themselves, but we can lift them up in prayer and ask God to do for them what we cannot do. He can comfort, sustain, heal, provide, soothe, and most of all He can reveal himself as Lord.

During the most desperate times, people are most open to hearing a life-changing message. Now is the time to present the Good News to as many people in Nepal as possible. It’s remarkable how God can use a devastating situation for His glory.

Would you take five minutes to watch this video from Prayercast and make it your prayer for the people of Nepal? (Note: the image below links to the video on the Prayercast website.)


View the Nepal Earthquake video on the Prayercast site.



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