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Write Your Testimony as a Product Testimonial (Part 1 of 2)

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I don’t know why people get so freaked out by the word “testimony” as if they feel theirs isn’t good enough, they might do it wrong, or they don’t have one. Rubbish. Everyone has a testimony and yours is just as valid as anyone else’s. I think the hang-up comes from hearing spectacular testimonies and feeling ours somehow doesn’t measure up. Or perhaps we’ve been told our testimony needs to weave in certain elements of salvation to bring others to Christ. Nonsense.

In court a testimony is simply one person’s account of what they saw, heard, and experienced at a particular time and from their point of view. They may not have all the information. They may not have seen everything from their vantage point. But their testimony, taken with others, helps paint a much larger picture of the overall scope of events that took place.

On product websites, anyone is free to give their product testimonial. People are free to voice their opinion (and boy, do they!). People seem eager to share their testimonials about products and they simply share their personal experience with a product, both positive and negative. One person’s experience will vary from another’s. That’s understandable. There is no judgment about whether one person’s testimonial doesn’t measure up to the others in terms of content or quality of the opinion. Taken collectively, the customer testimonials for a certain product paint a larger picture to help a prospective buyer consider the worth of the product.

Product testimonials are not meant to “sell” the product. They are meant to share one person’s experience with the product. There’s no selling involved. Sure, you may be wildly enthusiastic about it, but you aren’t the seller. That’s the same way with sharing your testimony. You aren’t selling Jesus. You’re just sharing your experience. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to close the deal in another person’s heart.

That takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? There’s no right or wrong when it comes to giving your testimony. You’re simply sharing the ways you have experienced Christ. A testimony isn’t limited to your salvation experience, either. You have many testimonies of the many ways you have experienced God. (If not, then we should talk about how you can experience God as a real presence in your life.)

Think about how you would write your testimony as if it were a product testimonial. It can be three or four sentences sharing how you have experienced Christ. Has your experience with Christ been positive, negative, or a bit of both? Did God live up to His promises so far? Have you been changed because of what Christ has done in your life? What do you have to say about how God has worked in your life?

Here’s one I might write:

God has set me free from the shadows of darkness holding me captive for so many years. Now I’m living in the light and I feel alive for the first time. God can seem slow, but the results are worth waiting for.

That is a valid testimony. There’s nothing complicated. There’s nothing to judge. A testimony is simply a statement of our experience with God. So what’s God done for you lately?

Think about how you would write your testimony as if it were a product testimonial. Has your experience with Christ been positive, negative, or a bit of both?

Be brave. Write a brief testimony of how you have experienced God and share it in the comments section. It’s as easy as writing a product review. You can do this!

In Part 2 we’ll talk about what to do if you find yourself giving God a negative review in one way or another.

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