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You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?: 10 Popular Beliefs That Simply Aren’t True by David A. Rich

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Author David A. Rich makes some great points in You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?, but he also chases a lot of rabbits along the way. At first I found this frustrating, wondering when he would get to something related to the chapter title, but either I got used to his style or he improved as the book went on. But that’s my style preference and I know others like a lot of life examples.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I found myself heartily agreeing with most of the main points and I wish more Christians could grasp them.

Ten False Beliefs

Book Quotes

“I like to say that we’re either trying or trusting. If we’re trying out of our own self-effort, then we’re not trusting. If we’re trusting, there’s no need to try and please God through self-effort.”

“Scripture says that God does indeed help, but only if we ‘wait.’ Waiting is not working. It is not helping, but rather trusting.”

“Church, for many, has become the spiritual equivalent to our judicial system. Church convicts us of our sings, informs us of our punishment, and sends us home on house arrest to try to do better and report back in one week.”

“Paul clears it up by saying that he is not doing the sin. Sin still dwells in his flesh, but HE is not his flesh.”

“God is in charge of all things, and Satan is not going to wreck God’s plans.”

“One would think that if Satan was indeed God’s nemesis, Satan would not listen to God’s commands. Satan might go along with God when he was with Him, but then do as he pleased. I would think that if there was really a battle between God and Satan, Satan would seize every opportunity to win the battle. I would think that if Satan was out to defeat God’s plan, he would have harmed Job physically the first time and would have killed him the second time. He surely would not have listened to God.”

“Satan is not running amuck; he is controlled by God, and his end has already been determined. We know he has already been defeated.”

“Don’t think for a moment that every body part has to be completely healthy and working the way everyone thinks it should to have a purpose in serving God. Some of the most shining examples of God’s grace and love can be found in people with what the world would call disabilities.”

“Smile and agree to disagree, and rest assured God has them right where He wants them.”

“We don’t need to live wondering if we’ve made the right decisions to live FOR Jesus—He will live THROUGH us.”

–David A Rich, You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?


You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?

10 Popular Beliefs That Simply Aren’t True

David A. Rich


160 pages




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